iOSアプリ「Stickman Animator」を公開しました

  • AI
  • 2018/02/02

インフォコム技術企画室が開発したiOSアプリ「Stickman Animator」をご紹介致します。


We introduce the iOS app developed by Infocom Technology Planning Office ”Stickman Animator“.

(Opinions and questions on this app are accepted in the comment column of this article)


概要 / Overview


Stickman Animatorは人が映っている動画から棒人間のアニメーションを作成するアプリです。

当アプリはiOS 11以上のiPhoneとiPadでご利用頂けます。

Infocom Technology Planning Office is investigating posture estimation as a case of using AI technology on mobile terminals.
As part of the result, we have released this app.

Stickman Animator is an app to make animations of stickman from videos of people.

This app is available on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 or later.
You need to permit this app to access your camera and photo library to use.

機能 / Functions

  • 動画の撮影

  • 撮影した動画またはフォトライブラリの動画からアニメーションを作成

  • Shooting videos

  • Making animations from videos you shot or selected from the photo library
    (You can set the frame rate of animation before you make it)

参考 / Reference



An open source app developed by porting tf-openpose to Swift by Infocom Technology Planning Office.
You can use published sources under MIT license.